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Welcome to Maya Healthcare ClinicA family medical and behavioral health clinic

When it comes to providing a wide range of quality health care services for individuals from all walks of life, Maya Healthcare Clinic tops the list. Our clinic is spearheaded by Vishnu Maya Upadhyay, a triple-certified family, women health, and mental health nurse practitioner. We offer Holistic health care services for everyone. We specialize in women’s health, men’s health, primary care visit, and preventive care. Our primary care services will help you manage chronic, long-term conditions like diabetes or asthma, while our preventive care services aim to detect health or medical problems early on to reduce risks. Mental and behavioral health care is also available to treat and provide interventions for a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues of adolescents and adults. Expect care with compassion and individualized care plan for your health issues. Visit our boutique clinic now.

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Committed to Your Health and WellnessOur Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide holistic customized services to our clients. With our wide array of services, we aim to help people have access to quality health monitoring and treatment services. We also strive to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment where they can work with professionals they can trust to help them manage their health.

Key Values

  • Safety – One of our top priorities is to take care of the welfare of our clients, their families and for all who work here in our clinic.
  • Excellence – We aim to achieve excellence through our exceptional holistic healthcare services.
  • Integrity – We have a firm adherence to our moral code through our honest and transparent actions.
  • Respect – We treat each other with dignity and we value the ideas and perspectives of everyone.


  • To take care of each patient with our one-on-one personal healthcare services.
  • To wholly fulfill the needs of our patients.
  • To prioritize the prevention of disease and disability of each patient.
  • To provide quality healthcare.
  • To foster a trusting and open relationship between patient and practitioner.
  • To provide a warm and positive environment for patients who come to our clinic.
Maya Healthcare Clinic